Members’ Challenge

Have you signed up for the latest guild challenge opportunity? “It’s All About the Color” will hang at the guild quilt show in May 2019.  The guidelines are simple:

  1. Obtain an envelope from either Karen Grover or Robin Gausebeck. Inside you will find a small swatch of beautifully-colored fabric.
  2. Create a quilt using this color as the MAIN color for you quilt.  In other words, find fabrics that are the same color (or tints or shades) as your swatch and make that color the star.  You may use other colored fabrics but the overall impression should be of the color on your swatch.
  3. The quilt should measure 6″ wide by 42″ long and can be made using ANY PATTERN, ANY TECHNIQUE, ANY DESIGN.
  4. Please attach a 4″ sleeve at the top of your quilt.
  5. Attach your fabric swatch to the label on the back of your quilt.  This will make it easier for the quilts to be hung in the proper order at the show.
  6. Turn the quilts in to Karen or Robin at the December or January guild meetings.
  7. You will have an opportunity to sign up at the July guild meeting, but if you want to get an earlier start, contact Robin or Karen and they can arrange to get your swatch to you.