NICU Quilt Winners, Sewing Masks, and Banner Challenge

Thank you for everyone who came out to the March neo-natal sew-in. The winners of the most popular NICU quilts are:

1st: Ying Chi – Crayon quilt
2nd: Cecilia Mann – Circle and Squares quilt
3rd: Amy Ottens – Happy quilt
4th: Donna Shay – 25 Patch quilt

Pam Surmo will hand out the prizes to you when our next meeting occurs or she can send it to you. Let her know.


Elizabeth Franck has reported that face masks can be dropped off at Joann’s for distribution. Elizabeth is making masks to send to her niece who is a pediatrician in San Antonio, TX and if anyone wants to make and donate to her cause, please contact her. There are several online tutorials being circulated. Many of them use 1/4″ elastic, but if you don’t have the elastic on hand, there are some instructions on how to make fabric ties or use elastic hair ties instead.

I’ve also received an email from Michelle Watson that our healthcare workers in Rockford would love masks to put over their paper masks. You may want to call your healthcare friends/family or your doctor’s office to find out where the need is.


Announcing our guild banner challenge: “The Alphabet of Flowers”. Click HERE to view the complete details. Since we don’t know when our next meeting will occur, please email Robin Gausebeck to receive your assigned letter of the alphabet.

Stay safe everyone.

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