August 6th Meetings

We will be kicking off our 2020-21 year with “Meet Your New Board Members” at the August 6th meetings (1:00 and 6:30). The meetings will be held outside at Bethesda Covenant Church with a limit of 50 members. We will attempt to Facebook LIVE the meetings. See below for details.

Please bring a lawn chair and your mask. Treats WILL NOT be shared at this meeting, but if you want to bring a drink or something to snack on, please feel free to do so. 

Our new President, Bonnie Hodina, will try to record both meetings LIVE via the Sinnissippi Quilters Facebook Page. You do not need to have a Facebook account to watch it.

If you DO NOT have a Facebook account, at 1:00 and/or 6:30, go to and ignore or chose no for create an account. Scroll down until you see what looks like a picture of the meeting and click on the picture to start the video feed.

If you do have a Facebook account, be sure you have already Liked our page. Go to the page and click on the picture to play.

All of this is experimental and may or may not work. Bonnie would love your feedback after the meetings.

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