Art Scene 2021

Are you ready for a new experience?

Join us as we display our quilts at the Rockford Artscene 2021 sponsored by the Rockford Area Art Council.

Just fill out the form and email it along with a photo of your quilt. Click HERE to download the form (email instructions are on the form). As always, make sure the larger quilts have a sleeve. Smaller ones may be displayed on tables. We are accepting any size or type. It can be just for display or you can put a price on it and sell it.

Make sure you also sign up for some mingle time to chat with people about our amazing quilts and Guild.

Since we are displaying and selling things we’ve made, we wanted to give the “makers” the spotlight too! If you have a talent such as longarm quilting or are willing to make items for people, please bring an example or photo along with your business cards. You could “make” someone’s day!

Let’s reboot last year by doing something new this year!

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