2024 Quilt Show “Seasons”

The 2024 Quilt Show will be


This will tie in our beautiful raffle quilt, our year of temperature banners

and our love of the 4 Seasons!

This, then, is time to remind you, all January birthdays should record your daily temperatures

and start your banners. I hope everyone will participate in this fun guild challenge! You will find the instructions on our Sinnissippi website for further information.

We are still in serious need of a Quilt Show Chair 2 . Now is when the work is kicking in and its

important to have a second person to help and learn.

We also need at least 3 members to come together to setup the demos, make-it/take-its, and

learning lectures that show the wonders of our craft.

Donna Langford needs a helper for the Judging Committee. You’ll find the judges and then

organize and handle the quilt judging for the show.

Lastly, after looking at several venues, that because of space needs, we will be staying

at the Sportscore II. We were very hopeful that Cliffbreakers would be big enough, but we

don’t think it will work.

So now let’s get started on our 2024 “Seasons” Sinnissippi Quilters Quilt Show.

Temperature Banner challenge: refer to the instructions, temp chart and color chart.

Quilt Raffle Information