Stockings for Soldiers

Sinnissippi Quilters, Inc. has been sending stockings to deployed military personnel since 2005. In 2016 we sent 1,550 filled stockings to war zones in other countries. During the past 12 years, the Guild sent more than 15,000 filled stockings to war zones. The quilters work all year making stockings, collecting non-food items and raising donations for stocking stuffers and shipping expenses. We need help covering the cost of items to fill the stockings and of shipping them. Monetary donations are accepted year round.
Non-perishable items are collected throughout the year. The food items are collected in September and October. In November we stuff the stockings with the collected and purchased items and send them to various bases of deployed service personnel for distribution. The soldiers are very appreciative of the stockings and all the goodies inside.

The Stocking for Soldiers Mini-Group meets monthly to prepare for the annual Sinnissippi Quilters’ Guild sew-in and to make kits for members to take home and sew. In November we have a day of stuffing the stockings and preparing them for shipping. We have had help stuffing and packing from Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and DeMolay Boys in recent years.

School children and Girl Scouts make Christmas cards and letters to put in the stockings. We also recycle Christmas cards by writing a message on the back of the front page and putting an address label on it in case the recipient wishes to send a thank you. They are very happy to be remembered.

Freight costs and many of the stuffing items are paid for by donations. Would you like to help? Checks may be written to Sinnissippi Quilters, Inc. You may contact Sinnissippi Quilters’ Stockings for Soldiers through Zeta Proskocil, 419-722-7113.