UFO Challenge

This year we want to try something new and fun with our guild. So, it is time to look over those UnFinished Objects that might be thrown in a closet, plastic container, or folded up on a table beside your sewing machine. Whatever the state those quilting projects are in, “finished” is the goal. And to help you with that, the Sinnissippi Quilters Guild will, launch the UFO Challenge.

It is open to members only. Below are a few simple rules and an outline to help you achieve those goals:

There will be seven months (opportunities) to complete seven projects, November – May.

Make 2 copies of your list and turn one into Amy Salamone or Roberta Seuss at the October 1st by the 6:30 meeting. Click the below Download button to print the form for your list.

Each month at our monthly meeting, a number will be randomly drawn. This will be the number on your challenge sheet for the project you will need to complete for that month.

Your monthly completed UFO photo needs to be turned into Amy at (815) 218-2367 or email me by noon on the date of the monthly meeting.

All those people who complete all 7 projects (on time) will be eligible for a drawing of a cash or gift card prize. (The amount will be determined by the number of people participating in the challenge.)

If you miss a month, no need to abandon the challenge. Continue with your next month’s project. Who knows, we might be giving out random prizes for those who complete their monthly UFO. Keep in mind that if you miss a month, you will not be entered into the final drawing for the cash/gift certificate prize.

If you don’t want the quilt when you’re finished with it, think about donating it as a comfort quilt or neonatal quilt

Please note
Once you have selected the order of your UFO’s, the order cannot be changed.

The cost for the challenge is $10